Social Lending – Empowerment?

Is this an up and comming phenom?zopa screen shot Zopa and Prosper are two two startups offering to bring together borrowers and lenders and offer . The sense of ‘Simness’ (as in simcity/sim this sim that) is an interesting note. … As the author of this survey on these two services note, they even add fun to the act of borrowing and lending…quite an accomplishment.


Respect for Pages

Here’s a thought provoking piece of technology in action…bookscan.gifbut what is particularly intriguing is that it is replicating the human action of turning pages “so as to avoid having to damage the binding.” It of course begs the question over how user-defined the nature of the printed media is, but certainly represents a wonderful adaptation of machine to the task at hand. Click the photo to go to the manufacturer’s site – there a really cool animated gif of the machine actually reading a book. A task it accomplishes at the rate of 2,400 pages per hour.